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Renewable Energy

The implementation of the energy systems with the renewable energy needed by the developing industrialization, urban growth and the growing population. Considering to leave a habitable environment to new generations and in order to meet the energy needs, as ESE HILL, we are implementing Green Energy projects by projecting them internationally and creating financial resources when necessary.

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Real Estate

With years of experience, we set off with a professional service concept as to be International and local actor in the real estate sector. Our Services Project Development, Sales & Marketing, Brokerage Services, Market Researches, Brand creation, Professional network services, social media marketing services, providing to reach finance resources, finding partnerships for projects, to establish service network of based in Turkey and international projects.

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ESE HILL prepares the infrastructure of the financial resources that our customers and the projects need for their commercial activities. In addition to this, ESE HILL carries out all related activities about to find financial resources and In order to reach more reasonable interest rate for its customers.

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Digital Transformation

Your business faces new expectations, competitors, channels, threats and opportunities in every point. Now it's impossible to prepare your business for tomorrow and the future without including digital change.

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Investment Consulting

In line with the demands of the companies, we provide you the right investment by creating new horizons, innovative investment options, real estate investments, development project and investment options based in countries, development of Start Up projects and creating visionary investment options

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Fruits and Vegetables

In order to contribute to the national economy of the agricultural products of the countries and to respond to the needs of the society by creating employment, to make the R & D of the automation systems, to prepare the feasibility of the alternative, turnkey factory establishment, obtaining of certificates and documents which are necessary from the responsible institutions and organizations, building sales network, helping to build bio organic fertilizer factory and providing finance when needed for these activities.

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