Investment Consulting


Private School, University and Dormitory Investments
• Land and Campus selection
• Campus construction
• Finding Investors
• Lease Expertise
• Dormitories Development Project (construction / operation / Location Supply)
• Financial Solutions and Services
• It is carried out jointly with BC Consultancy

Completed Projects;
• Çamlıca Doğa College
• Acıbadem Doğa College
• Eskişehir Bahçeşehir College (Doğa - Bahçeşehir College)
• İzmir Güzelbahçe Seçkin College (Mektebim - Seçkin College)
• Technical Structure Evora Doğa College
• Ataşehir Yönder College
• Ataşehir Çapa Science College
• Ankara Arte College
• Ankara Batıkent Doğa College

Investment Projects
Our Investment Services with many years of experience;
• 7 - 15 Years of Return on Investment Project Development and Services
• Private School, University and Dormitory Investments
• Rental Revenue Investments
• Real Estate and Project Development
• Renewable Energy Investments
• International Investment Projects
• Real Estate Investments (From Creating Investment Projects to purchasing with our Expertise)
• Finding Project Partnerships
• Financing Solutions and Services